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Imagination is important, even critical, in writing. Published authors will tell you this. Beginning with a blank page, an author is charged with filling the page and many more to come with characters, stories, pasts and presents and futures. They create likes and dislikes, loves and hates, plots and subplots. They create protagonist and antagonist and when the work is complete the characters have hopefully reached a satisfactory end point.

Think of yourself as the ghost in the machine, the ethereal locked in the flesh. You can use Wongmo’s creative writing weekend course to help translate your dreams into reality. Let the creative spirit in you take over and tell your tale, bringing to vivid life the wondrous being that is the True Self. Using Wongmo’s proven methods as your springboard into the deep end of the creative pool, you’ll backstroke effortlessly through the waters of self expression.

If you have the power to create it, you also have the power to transform it. -Ken Johnston

Light good.
Darkness bad.
Dolphins good.
Sharks bad.
Whales good.
Jellyfish bad.
Love good.
Indifference bad.
Seeking good.
Ignoring bad.
Nature good.
Man made bad.
Creativity good.
Corporate cookie cutter culture bad.
Self expression good.
Stifling the self bad.
Feeling good.
Numbness bad.
Religion good.
Religion bad.
Laughter good.
Sadness good too.
Music good.
Art good.
Cultural ignorance bad.
Ocean good.
City bad.
Reflection good.
Ignorance bad.
Silence good.
Affirmation good.
Self esteem good.
Poor self image bad.
Open minded good.
Skeptical bad.
Emotion good.
Logic bad.
Good good.
Bad bad.