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Why I am a Vegetarian and not a Vegan

I have been a vegetarian for over ten years. I recently became a vegan, but only for a few months. I understand many of the moral issues that support being a vegan, however, here are the reasons why I am a vegetarian, as opposed to a vegan.

I no longer felt healthy

My vegetarian diet was balanced and healthy. I had high levels of energy and glowing skin. I could cook simple and quick meals and was also able to visit restaurants without having to question everything on the menu. When I became a vegan, this all changed. My diet took over my life. I was no longer able to grab a snack at work, and every meal became a chore.


I lost weight; my skin lost its shine. I stopped going to the gym, as I no longer had the energy. I was always feeling lethargic and low on energy. After one month this started to affect my mental state, leaving me feeling short tempered and slightly depressed. Becoming vegan did affect my overall health.

I felt the entire world revolved around food

From the moment I got out of bed, to the minute I went to sleep, I was always thinking about food. Something as simple as my morning organic coffee became a chore. Checking with coffee shop owners that my milk was soy and sugar was turbinado. Before debating with other vegans on forums the actual ethical state of the coffee bean and the destruction of nature relating to its farming.

Eating out became a nightmare. It can be difficult being a vegetarian when you go to restaurants, but being a vegan made it a miserable experience. I found myself asking waiters questions that I knew they did not have the answer to. I started to find eating out an embarrassment, as people from other tables looked on as I questioned every item on the menu.

Being vegan is a full-time job

If you can dedicate most of your time and mental energy to being a vegan, then I say good luck. If you have a real moral belief that being a vegan is a solution to health and global problems, then become a vegan, and I hope you find more happiness than I did.

paleo tableSince my vegan experiment, I have decided to form my diet. I have agreed to adopt a Paleo diet. Eating everything natural, except meat. I like this diet, as everything is natural, and I feel secure again. After so many years being a vegetarian, I am not going to let a few months as a vegan spoil my beliefs surrounding the meat industry.

I like my new diet. If it is fresh and healthy, I eat it. That can be anything from fish, dairy, vegetables, and fruits. I eat anything that is not meat or processed. I am pleased to say I am back to feeling healthy with good energy and a glow to my skin.

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