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Here is work by some of my students, hand selected by Wongmo.

Floating in the sea
The coral reefs are smiling
I have found my home Ariel M.
Dolphins all around
Happy smiling faces beam
They are glad we’re here Jorge H.
Wongmo’s class is fun
Sitting at the beach all day
Thirty S P F Windy M.
Lapping at the shore
Crystal waves roll in and out
Sand fleas skitter by Geoffrey S.
Haikus about fish
I shall have to think on this
Writing stuff is hard Dameranie C.
I fell overboard
Found out that I could not swim
Nearly died that day Autumn F.
Twilight’s golden glow
Music of the night begins
Sitting by the sea Blaise R.
Tropic breezes blow
Swaying palm trees in the wind
Hurricane is near Sage B.
Spinner dolphins play
Dancing all around our boat
Can this all be real? Willow S.

Esteban R.
The world can be forever
changed by the wings
of a butterfly.
Let Me In, Let Me Out
Breeze W.
Can there be any happier
a color than Yellow?
The Grisballs
Tony T.
Wongmo is amazed at the laughter
that can be found in balls!
My Hand
Hayley P.
Beauty in simplicity!
Hayley is my newest student!
Hazardous Days
Gunter Z.
Wongmo doesn’t know the meaning,
but loves the colors!
Have a Wongmo Day
Phyllis W.
Sometimes, perfection just can not
be commented upon!
Drex B.
While Wongmo doesn’t agreee
with the premise, he can always
enjoy a good orange!

This is the Night (mp3) Dina N.
Wongmo is delighted at Dina’s
progress. There are more gems
where this came from, I’m sure!
Tribal Storm (mp3) Bob W.
The inner art warrior is apparent
with this student!

All material copyright their authors