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Why becoming a barista is a better career than you think

Are you a coffee lover? Do you like to try new coffee drinks? Do you go often to have a cup of coffee with your friends in coffee shops, or do you visit a different café every time? If your answer is YES to all the questions, you have good material to become a barista, and you would probably enjoy that profession all the

The “coffee industry” is one of the biggest global fields, and it provides jobs to millions of people all over the world.

It begins with the farmers, then it continues with the processors, then shippers, traders, raw coffee beans buyers, coffee roasters, retailers, and in the end, the baristas. Since the coffee industry will be successful for many years to come, and it will become stronger every year, you might consider to try out this profession.

If you are armed with patience and proper skills, you will see that being a barista can provide you a decent pay, and you will have an interesting job that you will enjoy.

To become a barista you don’t need a school and you can learn as you work, but having a certificate from a coffee school will allow you to have an advantage to other barista job applicants, and you will be able to find a better paid job, but it will also help you with developing your coffee making skills. Here are some advantages that this career offers.

  • You can turn your part-time job into a career – Becoming a barista is more than just having a job, it is a coffee-schoolprofession that can open the doors to higher levels of growing coffee industry.
  • You will get tips – As with any other job, you will get the regular hourly payment, but in this job, you will be able to earn tips. The barista salary is not that high, and it will be close to the minimum wage or maybe a little bit higher, but you will earn much more at the end of the month thanks to the tips. The more popular the place you work is, the higher the tips are.
  • You can have a flexible schedule – Being a barista allows you to have a second job if you want. Many baristas begin their shifts early in the morning, since they make the product that is most wanted exactly in that period. This profession gives you a chance to have a very flexible schedule, and take the shifts that best fit your needs.
  • Free coffee – Even though drinking too much coffee during the day is not so good for you, as a barista, you will be able to have as much coffee as you want and you will never feel sleepy on the job.
  • You will have fun – You will meet new people on a daily basis. While working, you will have a chance to have interesting conversations from time to time, and get many new friends along the way.
  • You will work in a stress free, relaxed surrounding.
  • Work anywhere you want – Guess what? Anywhere you go people love to drink coffee, meaning that if you have a coffee school certificate you will easily find a job where ever you want. This makes the barista profession great for those who don’t like to be tied for one place, and love to travel.


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