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Welcome to Wongmo’s academy of new-age knowledge and enrichment resources!


Close your eyes and visualize dolphins splashing in the gently rippling waves. A warm breeze blows the palms around you, bending their fronds gently. Your toes digging deeply into the hot, moist sand, you drink it all in like a pina colada in the desert.

There, isn’t that relaxing? Don’t you feel the tension slipping away from you like sand crabs at low tide?

I am Wongmo, your host and mentor on a journey of self-discovery. Through the courses and seminars I offer, you will find yourself immersed in the healing power of self enrichment and find yourself transported to an island of tranquility and self knowledge. Many of my ongoing courses are available via internet subscription or by postal mail and my weekend seminars, held several times a year on the Big Island, are the perfect way to incorporate my coconuts of knowledge into the tree of your day-to-day life.

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