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The 3 Ultimate IOS App to help you with your Meditation Practice

Several years ago, I made some small lifestyle changes. I’m not kidding; they were small at first. The first was to give up low-quality coffee and only drink barista coffee – it’s so much better. This simple change led me to want to be more mindful about what I ate. I established a mantra good food for health, and I changed how I nourished my body.

I returned to running and yoga. I needed to improve my sleep, and I stumbled upon meditation. Now I tell everyone if they can make one single change in their life, learn how to meditate. It’s not easy at first, but there are some great IOS apps to help you get started and keep at it. Here are the three ultimate IOS apps to help you with your meditation practice.

Insight Timer

Insight TimerInsight Timer has more than two million users, and I am one of them. I agree that this app is one of the top 50 apps of the year. I get to choose from more than five thousand guided meditations. I can select specific teachers from their extensive list. Also, I can choose themes such as sound healing, chanting and mantras or nature sounds. Each meditation exercise is rated by their community of mediators. I like that I can interact with my FB friends and Contacts. For an added fee I can select which starting bell I want to hear including interval bells and ending bell. This app is great for beginners, but seasoned meditators will enjoy it as well.


HeadspaceHeadspace is one of the easiest meditation apps that I use. I started by using their free trial which is Ten Free ten-minute sessions for beginners called ‘Take 10’. I was immediately hooked on guide Andy’s soothing Aussie accent, and I decided to buy a paid subscription. There are five categories to select Foundation, Health, Relationship, Performance, and Headspace Pro. Each pack contains ten to thirty sessions. I can customize between ten, fifteen, and twenty-minute sessions. If I want a quick meditation, I select from their Singles, shorter practices. I have customized reminders set up on my phone so that I never miss a practice. I love that I can track my progress. Anyone can use this app; they even have a section for kids.


CalmCalm offers three-minute sessions up to sessions that are twenty-five minutes long. My favorite program is Daily Calm which are ten-minute programs that I do in the morning or before I go to bed. The app also includes breathing exercises, soothing sounds or sleep stories. I have a paid subscription so that I can use their vast assortment of guided and unguided exercises. The guide has a calming female voice. Each time I complete a session another unlocks in the series. I enjoy the variety of background sounds that I can choose from. I am also able to customize reminders and my meditation history. There is more silence in their programs which helps me deepen my meditation practice. There is a video component to it that helps me with breathing; it shows me when to inhale and exhale. I also enjoy using Calm Kids to help my

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